Five suggestions for enhancing your English pronunciation.

Pronunciation is not to be confused with 'accent'. You should rather speak in a way that you are clearly understood,without your listener having to focus on every word that you speak. Your speech should be clear and easily understood.

Suggestions for enhancing your English pronunciation

When speaking, consider the following points regarding pronunciation:

  • Correct individual sounds called phonemes.A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound that carries meaning.Readers use phonemes to distinguish between words.
  • Strong and weak sounds in sentences.
  • Stress-at word and sentence level.
  • Intonation-to convey the right emotion such as happy or sad
  • Find a partner or app to practice English speaking. Make sure you get genuine feedback. Listening to audio recordings of words and attempting to mimic their pronunciation can be beneficial. Are you currently enrolled in an English learning course or looking to join one soon? Then, use AISpeak to practice English speaking anywhere, anytime.