Top Strategies to Enhance Your English Vocabulary

Vocabulary is essential for understanding Enqlish as well as improving your speaking and writing skills.

Five tips for better learning vocabulary.

Here are four tips for better learning vocabulary:

  • Utilize the Word: The more you use a word, the faster you internalize it. Therefore, actively incorporate new vocabulary into your conversations and writing. Practice makes perfect!
  • Immerse Yourself in English Texts: Reading extensively in English exposes you to a diverse range of words and expressions. Whether it's books, articles, or online content, immerse yourself in English literature to enrich your vocabulary.
  • Learn from Context: Understanding words within their context aids retention. Pay attention to the surrounding text when encountering new words, as it provides clues to their meanings and usage.
  • Engage with Language Partners or Apps: Partnering with fellow learners or utilizing language learning apps like AISpeak can facilitate English conversation practice and offer opportunities to learn new words in context.