What is a native English speaker and why is it a good idea to study with one?

Many students are told that it is a good idea to study a language with a native speaker. Well, that may be true but what is a native English speaker? What is the difference between a native speaker and someone that is fluent? The dictionary informs is that a native speaker is ‘someone who speaks that language as their first language, rather that having learned as a foreign language.’ So, anyone with English as their first language from birth is a native speaker. Whereas, a fluent speaker is a person that was exposed to English later in life. It might be the language that person started to learn as a toddler or at school.

How can one practice speaking English alone at home or without a partner

So, why is better to learn English from a native English speaker? Well, here are some reasons.

  • Pronunciation and Accent: When you listen to native speakers, you get to hear how foreign words sound when pronounced correctly.
  • Natural use of English Language: Native speakers use English in everyday life, so they can provide you with authentic examples of how the language is used in real conversations.
  • Discover New Expressions and Gestures: Body language is an important part of communication. There is a great power behind facial expressions, gestures, and hand movements as you are speaking. It’s difficult to find lessons in English body language and hand gestures. Luckily, a native speaker is already an expert in this field as it is natural. By copying these movements, you will start to use them when you are speaking so adding to your skills.
  • Great Access to Vocabulary, and Grammar Basics: Communicating with a native speaker will naturally bring up different words and verbs while speaking, and also put them in the right position in the phrase. This way of learning is much more practical for you than memorizing new words from the dictionary.

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